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The peculiarities of Slavic beauty: what’s necessary to know about women from the East?

It is no longer a mystery that Russian women are considered to be the prettiest in the world. Every stranger who visits one of the countries of Eastern Europe is always surprised by the number of beautiful young girls he meets on the streets. But in what actually this famous Slavic beauty consists and what are its peculiarities? It is often considered that the essential secret is based on the mixture of different nations from east and west that has been formed during a lot of centuries. This beautiful mixture of East and West has contributed to the creation of distinctive features of Slavic beauty as we know it today: beautiful young girls with a pretty round face, blond or brown hair, clear eyes, expressive, soft skin and a bright smile. In addition, from an early age, Russian and Ukrainian women are taught to take care of them. From 12-13 […]
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Ukrainian brides want to marry Canadian men: a real love or a question of money?

Each time when you refer to the dating sites where beautiful pictures of pretty and smiling Ukrainian women are displayed, you may be wondering what these young girls are looking for exactly there? Why do they want to marry Canadian men? Live the high life abroad, would you say? Not always! The Russian marriage agency in Canada will try to do its best to clarify you some details. First of all, try to put yourself on their place: would you then agree to leave your family and friends and to go away from your home in search of happiness, if you had the chance to find love in your own country? Undoubtedly, it can’t be said that the intentions of all Ukrainian women on the dating sites are the same. However, for the majority of them a Ukrainian soul mate with the same culture and the same traditions could […]
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The first meeting with a Ukrainian woman: everything to know to do your best

Do you dream about this meeting from the moment you saw her picture? Have you planned in your head all your steps a long time ago but now you are afraid? Don’t be surprised! Your heart starts beating faster because you realize that this moment impatiently expected of a serious meeting with a Ukrainian woman of your dream is approaching and this is exactly something that becomes the reason of your worries. The team of a Franco-Russian marriage agency UkReine has prepared for you some tips in order to help you organize your first meeting. If you have decided to visit the country of your Slavic woman, because you want to discover both its culture and traditions, don’t hesitate to plan your trip and not to forget anything. If you want to bring her some gifts, try to choose something special, souvenirs or items that represent your own country. Be […]
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How to seduce a Russian or Ukrainian girl?

It becomes rather evident that for the majority of men from Western Europe the beauty of Russian or Ukrainian women remains quite indisputable. Enchanted of the special fascination and mystery of these “Slavic princesses” and desiring to seduce them as quickly as possible, Western men often plunge into a new love affair without even taking into account cultural differences as well as interests and lifestyle of their beloved ones. Moreover, it is considered that a lot of Eastern women are really devious, timid and inaccessible, that’s why for some foreign men it seems almost impossible to conquer them. In order to help you to avoid common mistakes by pointing you out a good path to your Eastern love, the team has prepared some important tips to follow and some details to not miss. 1 – Be persistent and don’t give up at once You need to know from the […]