1. Subscription – FREE

The subscription gives you the possibility to create a detailed profile and access the advanced search of Ukrainian women profiles

2. Ukrainian brides préselection – Free

You can send your profile to an unlimited number of Ukrainian women, you will receive from each of them a positive or negative response

3.  Skype videochat with Ukraine brides – from 35 $US/45$C

You can communicate with single Ukrainian women, we organize Skype conferences between you and Ukrainian brides that have retained your interest and who were also interested in your profile

You eventually have 3 dating options with Ukraine women:

Option 1: Meet her at your hometown – 750 $US/950$C* ** ***

Meet the woman in your country or in a neutral country

 * You must  first have a consent  from the woman before activating this option
** Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa to go to Schengen states, visa for Canada is required
*** The price does not include airfares and other travel-related expenses

Option 2: 3 meetings and personal English speaking assistant  in Kharkiv – 800 $US / 1100 $ C

Basic package for men who want autonomy

– 3 direct  Skype and Email contacts of the pre-selected Ukrainian women
– Coaching before the meeting
– Organization of 3 meetings
– English speaking assistant for your 3 meetings
– Flexible travel dates
– Payment Flexibility

Option 3: Unlimited meetings in Ukraine for one week – 1600 $US / 2200 $ C *

Advantages of the “All Inclusive” package:


* Careful preparation of your stay:


We present your profile to the women you have selected on our site and organize the meetings with the Ukrainian women who also expressed interest. We can also publish your personalized ads in the local newspapers and dating sites, deal with the answers and organize extra meetings with beautiful Ukrainian brides.

In this way, you will have multiple meetings during your stay thus maximizing your the chances of success.


* Just buy your tickets, we will take care of the rest.

We ensure your transfer from an airports in Kiev (not included in the package) or in Kharkov (round trip, included in the package).

We book (the rental price is not included) a comfortable contemporary apartment in Kharkov downtown.

We take care of the planning of your stay: meetings and attractions.

* You can receive contacts from all the Ukrainian women you will meet immediately or before the meeting.

We organize Skype conferences with the women you will meet, during the conference you have the right to exchange direct contacts (4 contacts)

* Basic Russian and Ukrainian women dating coaching  

You are our VIP customer, we prepare you for each date to maximize your chances

* Unlimited number of meetings

You meet as many women as you want, you are limited only by the length of your stay

* You are never alone and will not feel the language barrier.

Your personal English speaking assistant is also your interpreter, your secretary and counselor, for 15 hours/day

She will take note of your appointments, have all necessary information about the Ukrainian women you meet and will be able to give you her feminine opinion after each meeting. She will also be your guide to discover the city.

* You stay available to your friends, colleagues and family 24/7.

A mobile phone with local number and credits to call outside Ukraine is provided to you.

Your apartment will be equipped with a modem wi-fi with unlimited rate.

* We take care of the preparation of documents for the visit of the selected woman.

If you would like to bring a Ukrainian woman to your country,

We can organize English courses for the selected woman.

We prepare all of the documents required for the Ukrainian woman to apply for a visa at the embassy.