Here’re the most frequently asked questions about dating Ukrainian brides:

Why choosing, why is this dating site different from hundreds of Russian dating sites and Russian marriage agencies?

We have 7 simple and reasonable points to prove it.

  1. We have been operating since 1998.
  2. We are officially registered Canadian company.
  3. We don’t have any “partners” in Russia or Ukraine, we have our own office, so we know in person every Ukraine bride subscribed to our site.
  4.  We are the founders of – of the biggest dating scams protection site.
  5.  We offer quality service at the cheapest rates, you won’t be able to find a similar service cheaper than ours.
  6. You can see numerous video testimonials, recent marriages reviews to see the efficiency of our work
  7. We take care of you from A to Z, from the Ukrainian brides preselection, dating coaching, travel to Ukraine to international marriage procedures assistance.

Do you have Russian or Ukrainian brides that are already in US, Canada or Western Europe?

Sure, there’re some single Russian or Ukrainian women who are already in your country but the problem is that this number is not big and the number of men who are interested is huge, so for 1 single Russian bride you will have about 10 men who wnat to meet her, so beautiful Russian brides never subscribe to dating sites, thier problem is not to find a man but to filter this huge number of man by different criteria: age, carachter, revenue, shape etc.

Also, if it’s a Russian woman who was born in your country, she will not have a traditional family values, she will be just a women with same mentality than female in your country.

But if you go to date to Ukraine, the situation is just contrary, for 1 western man we have 6-7 profiles of single Ukrainian woman with traditional family values, ready to follow the man they fall in love to his country.

Language is not a problem, our 6 months intensive language courses will prepare the Ukrainian woman you will meet in Ukraine and invite to your country to be able to communicate without any assistance.

Why do Russian or Ukrainian women want so much to marry a foreigner?

This is a myth created by Russian russian marriage agencies and other scammers who create thousands of fake profiles of very beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women or profiles of real women who are not interested to date a foreigner

In reality, just 10% of single women in Ukraine and 5% of single women in Russia are interested in marrying a Western man, which is not very much and we have important advertising budgets in Ukraine to reach these 10% of single Ukrainian women interested in meeting a man from abroad.

Most international Russian marriage agencies avoid these expenses by recruiting beautiful Ukrainian women by paying for each meeting or by relying on local agencies in Ukraine or Russia that do the same; most of the dating sites are saturated profiles of romance scammers and both assure you that every beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman dreams of meeting a foreign man.