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Do you want to find dating Ukrainian ladies who live in a rural area?

You are a farmer and dream of a meeting with a woman from the village who shares the same values ​​as you and leads the similar way of life? Sometimes it is difficult for our foreign clients who have been raised in a country to find their love in the French or Canadian region and they appeal to international dating sites hoping to solve their problem. But is it really possible to get acquainted with a woman from the village if all beautiful dating Ukrainian ladies registered on such sites, come from big cities like Kiev, Moscow or St. Petersburg? The answer is “yes” and that is exactly why our Russian/Ukrainian marriage agency UkReine.com (www.ukreine.com) was created. We collaborate with many partners from the countries of Eastern Europe and thanks to this; we have access to many profiles of pretty dating Ukrainian ladies who would like to share your life […]

The false prejudices spread over girls from Eastern Europe on the site of Canadian marriage agency

Nowadays, almost on every site of Canadian marriage agency you can see many prejudices spread over Russian or Ukrainian women, when it comes to serious and stable relations with them. It is true that the majority of the stereotypes that exist are completely false and now the employees of the Russian/Ukrainian marriage agency UkReine.com (www.ukreine.com)  will present you which ones. First of all, on the site of Canadian marriage agency, there is often a lie that Slavic girls are ready to leave their country of origin at any cost. Today we can hear in the mass media that Slavic women marry foreigners just to flee their homeland. This is completely false, because there are thousands and even millions of ladies who are happy to be together with Ukrainian or Russian men, whatever the conditions of their lives. Don’t forget that it’s really an important step to move forever because you […]
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How do Ukrainian brides for marriage usually welcome strangers?

For our team of Russian/Ukrainian marriage agency UkReine.com it is always a big job to organize the first meeting between Canadian or French men and beautiful Ukrainian brides for marriage. A foreigner has to make also great efforts in order to prepare his trip to the country of origin of his pretty Slavic woman, who in this case plays a secondary role. Sometimes a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian woman is convinced that it is necessary only to present herself in a best way in front of a stranger and then, everything will be as in a romantic film or in a fairy tale. It is really difficult to build stable and serious relationships with someone like that. You need to look for beautiful Ukrainian lady for marriage who don’t believe in stereotypes, who are really ready to marry you, because they are motivated and want to find their companions for […]
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Some tips for online conversation with Russian or Ukrainian brides

You have an account on a Canadian dating site and you have already found beautiful Ukrainian brides that you like the most, but you don’t absolutely know what to start with, how should be your letter of correspondence and how long you must stay in contact with one of them before your first meeting? Here you’ll find some tips for you from our Russian/Ukrainian marriage agency UkReine.com in Canada. Before the conversation in Skype with one of your Ukrainian brides on a Canadian dating site, write her some messages online in order to learn more about her personality and interests after you’ve seen her profile. But don’t be too boring and annoying, keep the distance and choose only important things to ask. If one of your pretty Russian or Ukrainian brides from the Canadian dating site speaks French, it’s perfect. But otherwise, don’t be disappointed, because you can always use translators […]