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The false prejudices spread over girls from Eastern Europe on the site of Canadian marriage agency

Nowadays, almost on every site of Canadian marriage agency you can see many prejudices spread over Russian or Ukrainian women, when it comes to serious and stable relations with them. It is true that the majority of the stereotypes that exist are completely false and now the employees of the Russian/Ukrainian marriage agency (  will present you which ones.

First of all, on the site of Canadian marriage agency, there is often a lie that Slavic girls are ready to leave their country of origin at any cost. Today we can hear in the mass media that Slavic women marry foreigners just to flee their homeland. This is completely false, because there are thousands and even millions of ladies who are happy to be together with Ukrainian or Russian men, whatever the conditions of their lives. Don’t forget that it’s really an important step to move forever because you have to leave family, relatives and friends and go to an unknown country where you don’t know anyone except you and where you will almost never hear mother tongue. That’s why even if the women from Eastern Europe agree to do it; they’ll make a big sacrifice for love of their whole life.

Another thing that you can read on almost every free dating site in Canada of Canadian marriage agency is that all Russian or Ukrainian girls are very poor. It is false because most of them are themselves an economic supporter of their family, don’t differ from you, have a good job and earn quite a good living.

Moreover, if on the site of Canadian marriage agency someone affirms that the Slavic women are accustomed to be submitted, don’t believe! In general, they have a strong character, are patient, tolerant and always respect the equality in their family in any situation.

It is also false that girls in Eastern Europe can’t get quickly used to the Western way of life, because they have a high level of education, often know at least one foreign language and sometimes even more, have a driver’s license and know the payment procedures of the West.

It is a real lie on the site of Canadian marriage agency that Russian or Ukrainian women have a low level of education because their education system is considered to be much more efficient than that of many European countries. Moreover, they really enjoy reading books on different subjects and are convinced that a good education is an important part of every young woman’s life.

So, our whole team of Russian/Ukrainian marriage agency hopes that you are exactly a man who doesn’t only believe in stereotypes, but who prefers to always check every piece of information himself during the conversation online and in real life with the beautiful ladies in canada on the site of Canadian marriage agency.

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