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A balance in international relations is possible in couple where there is a true love
seduce a Russian or Ukrainian girl
How to seduce a Russian or Ukrainian girl?

Find a Slavic woman and move to Eastern Europe: is it a possible mission?

Find a Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart

Every day our marriage agency in Canada receives messages from many Canadians already registered on the international dating site who are looking for a pretty real russian bride. The requirement of these gentlemen is quite clear. They want to find beautiful Russian women or Ukrainian girls who are really serious and who are looking for a foreign husband who has just moved to their country of origin. Once there, they can start their own business projects.

Doing Business Abroad

A lot of men have already found their Slavic wives and were even able to open their business abroad. Without any doubt, if it is a true love, a real russian bride will be very happy if you move to her country of origin. For example, many Ukrainian girls would like to marry a foreigner without immigrating. The beautiful Slavic woman will be very interested in everything you are doing, including your new project.

According to the studies, older men are more open to change completely their lifestyle. They prefer to live in a country in Eastern Europe and marry a serious and motivated real russian bride.

You wonder why? It is because of finances as it is no secret that the standards of life are much cheaper in Ukraine or Russia than in France.

The conditions for success of his project and his commitment with a Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart

Before you start to realize your dream, it is advisable to have all the data you’ll need in order to make a good decision. Take into consideration that your settlement in one of the countries of Eastern Europe requires a good study because everything is not so perfect as it seems to be at from the first sight. Your new approach can be quite risky for the following reasons:

  • In Ukraine, there is no buoyant market
  • You need to speak the Ukrainian or Russian language very well
  • Prepare yourself well: you may become the victim of corruption or violence.

Before making a conclusion, we really advise you to try to find a golden medium and to separate your two projects: business and marriage. It is better that you focus first on finding a woman abroad with the help of an international dating site like, the one you like most of all, which suits you best and who can really become your future wife. Then you can make the best decision about living in your own country or in hers and talk about business. You still have the right to live in both countries. Thus, you always have a nice family refuge in Ukraine or Russia, as well as in your country of origin. So, don’t be afraid to try something new and to change completely your life! Good luck!


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