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Is it safe to make a trip to Ukraine in order to meet a beautiful Ukrainian girl?

It is true that many foreigners, who find a pretty woman from the East on a dating site or on a Canadian Ukrainian online dating agency such as, want to make a trip to Ukraine to meet their beautiful Ukrainian girl and then, get married with her. However, very often most of them are a bit afraid to make a trip to Ukraine because they suppose that they are not safe in this country. So, do you really have to fear or it’s only a myth invented by someone? In fact, we don’t advise you to visit the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk where there was violence and war because Russia was trying to impose on the Crimea. But you should remember that when these conflicts and violence raged – during the years of 2014-2015 – the rest of the regions remained stable and secure for foreigners who wanted […]
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How does a single Canadian woman differ from a Ukrainian woman for marriage: the peculiarities of Russian mind-set

  Today more and more often we observe the desire of foreign men to understand Russian mind-set in order to get acquainted with a pretty Ukrainian girl and after that create an international family. It is true that if you want to marry a beautiful Slavic girl, first of all you should be aware of all the differences between Russian or Ukrainian women for marriage and those of your own country. At the beginning, in order to better understand Russian mind-set you must know that even between the culture of Ukrainian women and those from Russia which always seem very close and similar there are certain differences that are manifested in the way people talk, behave, as well as in their values ​​and traditions. If you want to compare Russian mind-set and the French one it is better to start with the appearance. We must admit that even if in […]
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I’m looking for a Russian woman for marriage: the budget for the Russian date

Nowadays, on every Ukrainian women dating site you will find many profiles of beautiful and well-motivated Slavic girls who would like to create an international family. If you have managed to find a woman from the east who interests you the most and who completely meets your expectations, we congratulate you. However, before the wedding it is necessary to pay attention even to the small details. That’s why it’s not strange at all if you start asking yourself the question: how much money does it take to succeed in the Russian date? Of course, it is really impossible to predict an exact sum. Indeed, you are already paying for a Ukrainian women dating site that offers you an opportunity to meet beautiful Slavic girls and the cost of registration can depend on many factors. For example, if we take into account our Franco-Russian marriage agency UkReine, you usually pay for […]
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Russian dating sites in Canada: how to attract the attention of beautiful Russian women?

  So, if you have already registered on a Russian dating site in Canada or on a Ukrainian marriage agency in Canada like UkReine, now it’s time to take actions! Have you dreamed for a long time to attract the attention of a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women who are known to be the prettiest in the world, but you have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, we will take care of you and will give you some piece of advice! Almost on every free dating site in Canada we see that Russian women are considered to be open-minded but at once reserved, as well as passionate inside but very often, cold externally. Despite of it Slavic girls are used to see a strong man next to them who is sure of himself and who knows exactly what he wants. That’s why the first thing you need to do […]