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What should not be offered to a Russian or Ukrainian girl?

It’s no secret that in every country there are superstitious people. So, if you plan to go to Russia and you don’t know yet what gift to offer to your russian girl dating free to make her happy, our team of international dating site www.femme-ukraine.com offers you to look at this blacklist of things that need to be avoided. Unpaired number of flowers In Russia, there is a tradition of offering flowers in unpaired numbers. Otherwise, it is considered that the person who receives them can easily become the victim of unfortunate events in her life and even die. This superstition dates from pagan times when it was thought that the paired number of flowers symbolized the end of life, that is, death. The unpaired number, on the contrary, meant life, existence, and protected from evil spirits. So, if you want to go to Russia and offer flowers to your […]
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The secrets to be revealed about Slavic women

Thanks to the foreign men who performed their marriage in one of the countries of Eastern Europe, our marriage agency Ukreine.com got enough information to formulate for you the main secrets about russian and ukrainian women. Slavic women know exactly what they want Foreign men who have lived in Ukraine for many years consider that the majority of russian and ukrainian women have a keen sense of psychology. They are able to quickly understand the personality and character of the person with whom they are in relationships. It must be said that life in Russia has not been easy until recently, that’s why Russian women prove a certain maturity in relationships with foreigners. The men who performed their marriage in Eastern Europe say that Slavic girls put their traditional values ​​on the first place and know exactly what goals they want to achieve in family life, which makes them comlicated […]
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How to seduce a Russian or Ukrainian girl?

It becomes rather evident that for the majority of men from Western Europe the beauty of young russian women or Ukrainian women remains quite indisputable. Enchanted of the special fascination and mystery of these “Slavic princesses” and desiring to seduce them as quickly as possible, Western men often plunge into a new love affair without even taking into account cultural differences as well as interests and lifestyle of their beloved ones. Moreover, it is considered that a lot of Eastern women are really devious, timid and inaccessible, that’s why for some foreign men it seems almost impossible to conquer them. In order to help you to avoid common mistakes by pointing you out a good path to your Eastern love, the UkReine.com team has prepared some important tips to follow and some details to not miss. 1 – Be persistent and don’t give up at once You need to know […]
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Find a Slavic woman and move to Eastern Europe: is it a possible mission?

Find a Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart Every day our marriage agency UkReine.com in Canada receives messages from many Canadians already registered on the international dating site www.ukreine.com who are looking for a pretty real russian bride. The requirement of these gentlemen is quite clear. They want to find beautiful Russian women or Ukrainian girls who are really serious and who are looking for a foreign husband who has just moved to their country of origin. Once there, they can start their own business projects. Doing Business Abroad A lot of men have already found their Slavic wives and were even able to open their business abroad. Without any doubt, if it is a true love, a real russian bride will be very happy if you move to her country of origin. For example, many Ukrainian girls would like to marry a foreigner without immigrating. The beautiful Slavic woman will be […]