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The first meeting with a Ukrainian woman: everything to know to do your best

Do you dream about this meeting from the moment you saw her picture? Have you planned in your head all your steps a long time ago but now you are afraid? Don’t be surprised! Your heart starts beating faster because you realize that this moment impatiently expected of a serious meeting with a Ukrainian women of your dream is approaching and this is exactly something that becomes the reason of your worries. The team of a Franco-Russian marriage agency UkReine has prepared for you some tips in order to help you organize your first meeting.

If you have decided to visit the country of your Slavic woman, because you want to discover both its culture and traditions, don’t hesitate to plan your trip and not to forget anything. If you want to bring her some gifts, try to choose something special, souvenirs or items that represent your own country. Be natural all the time, don’t exaggerate anything, and never compare her country of origin with yours, because as you know, the traditions are different and sometimes you can even insult her. Franco-Russian marriage agency UkReine also advises you not to forget during planning your serious meeting with a Ukrainian woman to have an interpreter with you or at least a good online translator on your mobile phone to avoid communication problems in case if your Slavic woman doesn’t speak French well enough. Remember that even the small details matter, so it’s best to book your hotel in advance, as well as to get some information about restaurants, cafes or just places to visit. Don’t be afraid but at the same time, try to do your best in order to impress your Ukrainian woman and to show your strengths!

If she decides to come to France for the first meeting, feel comfortable and choose beautiful places that are really worth seeing. Offer her something interesting to do together as, for example, some sports activities you prefer, a visit to the cinema or a romantic dinner in a restaurant.

Without any doubt, you will understand after the first meeting with a Ukrainian woman, if it really was the person you have been dreaming about for a long time and with whom you would like to continue to maintain relationships. If it’s not like that, don’t worry, it is always better to try than to let the grass grow under your feet.

On the other hand, if everything goes well, then you can organize your second meeting with a Ukrainian woman to make sure that you are really made for each other and that you both want to build your projects for the future together. Nevertheless,  it’s up to you to launch this initiative. So, we wish you only courage and a good experience!

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