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The first meeting with a Ukrainian woman: everything to know to do your best
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What to expect from a Ukrainian lady

The seduction of a Ukrainian woman

You are seduced by the beauty of a Ukrainian woman but do you have any idea about how your family life would be like? What can you expect from her? What will she do and what will she never do?

Of course we can not apply this article to all Ukrainian women but it concerns many of them. We can still present some lines of thought according to cross-references of the Eastern Women’s Dating Agency.


  • A Ukrainian woman pays much attention to her appearance. She often wears heeled shoes and wears makeup just to go to a grocery store!
  • The Ukrainian woman will never pay if you invite her to a restaurant;
  • Ukrainian will often seem too reserved for the first meeting, it is common;
  • A Ukrainian woman lets you into her life rather slowly. But once it’s done, she becomes very attached to you;
  • English is taught at schools and universities. However the level is pretty low. But with a proper motivation a Ukrainian woman can learn English fast enough for a basic level.

Family life:

  • A Ukrainian woman will have no problems adjusting to the social and professional life in your country;
  • Your future wife will take care of cooking and cleaning;
  • Every Ukrainian woman would like to work. But, she will prioritize the family and not her career;
  • A Ukrainian woman will be faithful to you;
  • Slav woman is usually very patient. In case of problems in your relationship, she prefers to discuss, wait, find a solution rather than ask for a divorce right away.

To sum up, if you happen to meet a russian and ukrainian women that you will love and who will love you, be sure that you will be the happiest man in the world. However, there are things to avoid to commit, so we invite you to read our article entitled Men’s mistakes in search of Russian women. Good research and best of luck!

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