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What should not be offered to a Russian or Ukrainian girl?

It’s no secret that in every country there are superstitious people. So, if you plan to go to Russia and you don’t know yet what gift to offer to your russian girl dating free to make her happy, our team of international dating site offers you to look at this blacklist of things that need to be avoided.

  1. Unpaired number of flowers

In Russia, there is a tradition of offering flowers in unpaired numbers. Otherwise, it is considered that the person who receives them can easily become the victim of unfortunate events in her life and even die. This superstition dates from pagan times when it was thought that the paired number of flowers symbolized the end of life, that is, death. The unpaired number, on the contrary, meant life, existence, and protected from evil spirits. So, if you want to go to Russia and offer flowers to your young russian women, be sure to choose the unpaired number, because the paired amount is usually offered during dismal events, such as funerals.

  1. Sharp objects such as knives or scissors

It is not a good idea to offer sharp objects that can bring problems to the person to whom you have offered them. According to popular belief, even razors, souvenir weapons and forks can become the reason of quarrels.

  1. Empty wallet

If you are thinking of going to Russia and bringing your russian girl dating free a nice wallet, never leave it empty. This gesture can lead to financial losses. So, we advise you to put in a bank note so that can attract new finances to its owner.

  1. Handkerchief

In Eastern Europe, it is considered that this gift brings additional hassle and annoyance. In a few words, it is better to avoid it, because according to a superstition, it will lead to tears.

  1. Medical devices

Beautiful Russian women and Ukrainians girl are convinced that these devices remind people of their illness and may cause further deterioration of their health.

  1. Mirror

A mirror is a mystical thing, so it’s not a good gift for Slavic people. It is thought that the mirror of a stranger can cause quite bizarre situations and retain a negative energy.

  1. Slippers

For Russians, the gift in the form of slippers is associated with the hospital or the prolongation of an illness. In some Russian or Ukrainian villages, people think that these gifts can even lead to death, especially if these slippers are white, because they are often used to bury the dead.

  1. Cosmetics

You have to be very careful in offering someone cosmetics, because it can be seen as an allusion to the fact that this person is neglecting her personal hygiene.

So, before you go to Russia we advise you to consult this blacklist of gifts in order to avoid disappointment and then choose something special to make a real pleasure to your russian girl dating free!

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