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Plan everything before visiting one of the countries of Eastern Europe

What can be better than to prepare a romantic meeting with young russian women? Nothing, you will say to me. However, in order to make this trip really idyllic, it is better to plan everything in details. If going somewhere in France doesn’t take you a lot of efforts, our team of the international marriage agency Ukreine in Canada advises you to prepare well before the trip beyond your borders.

Your papers first!

To make your stay in Russia easy-going, you need to check the validity of your documents in advance. There were cases of refuse of boarding access due to outdated documents. That’s why try to be attentive on this point. You also need to know that if you only need to have an identity card to travel to Europe, specifically within the Schengen area, you will need a passport to visit one of young russian women from Eastern Europe.

Is the visa required?

If you choose Ukraine as a point of your destination, you don’t need a visa. However, you have the right to stay there no more than 90 days. If you go to Russia to meet one of young russian women, the visa is required. To get more information on this subject, you can contact us and we will help you with pleasure in all your administrative procedures.

Think of insurance

It is true that everyone always thinks of packing their bags and their camera rather than taking health insurance before leaving. However, imagine that you are seriously ill or you will break something. So, in this case, medical assistance is necessary. Remember that in Ukraine or in Russia there is no social security, that’s why your life card is useless there, all medical care is at your expense. So remember to have insurance before going to Russia, because in case of hospitalization, you will spend a lot more money.

What to take with you?

The contents of your suitcase must depend on the season. If it is winter, take warm clothes with you, because the temperature can drop to -30 ° in Ukraine or Russia. In general, in spring it is still a little bit cold in April but from the month of May the temperature is already nice, so you will need mid-season clothes in addition to a warm sweater for your trip. In summer, remember to take everything that can protect you from the sun, especially if you go to the seaside. The weather in autumn changes quite often but it is better to have warm clothes in the bag.

One more thing: we also advise you not to take a lot of pharmaceuticals. If, for example, you need sleeping pills, you need to have a medical certificate with you, so that you don’t have any problems at the customs.

So, our entire team of international online russian girl dating free agency or UkReine in Canada wishes you an unforgettable trip in one of the countries of Eastern Europe where you will finally meet your love!

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