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Tourism in Ukraine: visa, list of airports, length of stay, security and meetings with Ukrainian women

Aspects of tourism in Ukraine

Ukrainian brides site or some online dating agencies are full of pictures of very beautiful girls and women. Meeting these beauties would be a dream that could be a reality. Therefore, these portals offer trips and stays in Kiev or other cities in the country. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these photos are from women who are completely disinterested to meet you. The dating sites of Russian women use them to attract you and rip you off.

But not all of them are scam. Some Ukrainian girls are also interested in international meetings. Although this is a small percentage of women who are interested, the opportunity of a real marriage exists. Once your decision is made; you intend to act and try your luck. We make it easy for you to learn the different aspects of tourism in Ukraine.


Ukrainian Visa

Citizens of the European Community, Great Britain, United States, Canada and some other countries do not need a visa to visit Ukraine. However your stay should not exceed over 90 days.

Airports in Ukraine

The list of airports in Ukraine is not very long:

Ukraine’s number 1 airport is Kiev Boryspil which is 30 kms from Kiev. This airport receives 90% of all passengers who travel to Ukraine.

Each major Ukrainian city has an airport: Kharkiv, for example, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv and a few others. To visit these cities, you will have to make a transfer in Kiev, Warsaw or Istanbul. Direct flights are scheduled daily to these cities to Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, or Lviv.

Also, you can go to these cities from Kiev station by express train.


Tourism in Ukraine

With the aim of staying in Ukraine to meet Ukrainian girls for marriage, our advice for you would be to avoid the tourist cities. The competition is great in these cities (we will talk about tourism in Kiev and tourism in Odessa later). In addition, girls are used to the lights of big cities which will not facilitate your seduction approach.

So keep Kiev for sightseeing and not for meetings. By the same token, the stay in Ukraine in the very small cities is disadvised because the women are too closed there. The cities of Eastern Ukraine like Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumi, or Dnipro are the best for dating.

As for occasional meetings with Russian girls, big cities like Kiev, or Odessa give you the opportunity to bump into them.


Visit Kiev, Ukraine

Is visiting this city your priority? Okay, in this case you should not make stops during your trip. But keep in mind that tourism in Kiev will be more expensive than in other cities of the country. It’s not expensive comparing to the cost of living in France or Canada, so it’s still quite affordable to visit Kiev. A trip to Kiev would be really interesting from the tourist point of view: it is a very beautiful city with a particular architecture. Go for it!


Security in Ukraine

There are no security issues for your trip to Ukraine. You leave quiet. Some rules of good conduct: move downtown, avoid the suburbs especially late at night. Moreover, there is not much to see in these outlying areas. Do not wear symbols of Russia yet, avoid talking about the government, the president, or the army. Everything will be alright !



A trip to Ukraine will surprise you by the number of beautiful girls you will meet. By the very low prices (except moderate Kiev), and the beautiful medieval architecture (Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv).

Tourism in Ukraine

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