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Is it safe to make a trip to Ukraine in order to meet a beautiful Ukrainian girl?

It is true that many foreigners, who find a pretty woman from the East on a dating site or on a Canadian Ukrainian online dating agency such as, want to make a trip to Ukraine to meet their beautiful Ukrainian girl and then, get married with her. However, very often most of them are a bit afraid to make a trip to Ukraine because they suppose that they are not safe in this country. So, do you really have to fear or it’s only a myth invented by someone?

In fact, we don’t advise you to visit the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk where there was violence and war because Russia was trying to impose on the Crimea. But you should remember that when these conflicts and violence raged – during the years of 2014-2015 – the rest of the regions remained stable and secure for foreigners who wanted to make a trip to Ukraine!

Fortunately, nowadays, security is guaranteed and many tourists have the opportunity to explore the Ukrainian territory from north to south. We assure you that to make a trip to Ukraine is not dangerous, because for the moment, this country of Eastern Europe is even more secure than some Parisian neighborhoods like Pigalle at night, for example. So, for sure, you won’t have problems during your stay, because every year thousands of tourists visit this country.

If you still have some doubts about your trip to Ukraine, you can also take advantage of the services offered by our Franco-Russian online dating agency UkReine (, thanks to which everything will be settled and prepared especially for you in advance: your accommodation, transfer, as well as translation of necessary documents. We will even accompany you to secure meetings with pretty women from the East. As you see, with us there is absolutely nothing to fear, because we’ll never leave you alone with your troubles and you’ll always have someone who can help you in every difficult situation.

We have another good news for you concerning your trip to Ukraine to meeting with a Ukrainian women: now there is really little crime and theft in this country of Eastern Europe. Our Franco-Russian marriage agency UkReine, which exists for more than fifteen years, hasn’t had any clients who have been stolen or who have suffered from violence. It also proves that it is completely possible to make a trip to Ukraine with confidence and security, without worrying about anything. So, don’t be afraid and always prepare your trip in advance in order to be sure to succeed in your meetings with pretty Ukrainian women!

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