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If your goal is to find on an international dating site among all beautiful ukrainian women or Russian ladies the one that interests you the most and is ready to marry you, you need to know in which country you should organize your first meeting.

It’s true that when it comes to beautiful young Russian women or single Ukrainian ladies, you have to choose between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, according to user’s reviews from the Russian/Ukrainian online dating agency, it’s much better to choose Ukraine and now we’ll explain why.

How to visit Ukraine

First, you will probably need a visa to enter Russia in order to meet beautiful young Russian women, and that is the first disadvantage, because it requires you to spend a lot of your time for it. You will always have to wait a little bit before getting your visa and also you need to complete some necessary papers for your future trip. Sometimes you can get a refuse for your visa without any explanation.

Moreover, on the website we can see that there are much more Russian dishonest dating sites (90%) than Ukrainian ones (10%). That’s why Internet users which are looking for beautiful young Russian women usually choose Ukrainian marriage agencies or sites.

International dating site for Russia

It’s no secret that Russia is much bigger country than Ukraine, so if you need to meet some beautiful young Russian women in order to make the right choice, you will have to waste more time moving around in different cities, even sometimes, thousands of kilometers. What can’t be said about Ukraine which is smaller and will allow you to save your precious time. It will give you the opportunity to meet with as many pretty Slavic girls living in different places as you want to make a good choice, of course from international dating sites that are serious.

It is also considered that in comparison with beautiful young Russian women, the mentality of single Ukrainian ladies is closer to that of girls from Western Europe. The women from Ukraine are more hospitable than the Russian ones to foreigners, which is mainly explained by the diversity of political regimes. That’s why it is often assumed that Ukrainian women are really more open to the western lifestyle.

The easy choice between young Russian women and single Ukrainian ladies

Yet, without any doubt, it’s up to you to choose between beautiful young Russian women and single Ukrainian ladies. But after choosing the Slavic woman of your life that interests you and that you prefer most of all on one of the international dating sites, of course, you will have to go to her home country in order to meet her and to know her better. So, that’s the reason why our team from the Russian/Ukrainian online dating agency has decided to prepare this article and we hope that with all this information, it will be much easier for you to choose.

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