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How does a single Canadian woman differ from a Ukrainian woman for marriage: the peculiarities of Russian mind-set

Today more and more often we observe the desire of foreign men to understand Russian mind-set in order to get acquainted with a pretty Ukrainian girl and after that create an international family. It is true that if you want to marry a beautiful Slavic girl, first of all you should be aware of all the differences between Russian or Ukrainian women for marriage and those of your own country.

At the beginning, in order to better understand Russian mind-set you must know that even between the culture of Ukrainian women and those from Russia which always seem very close and similar there are certain differences that are manifested in the way people talk, behave, as well as in their values ​​and traditions.

If you want to compare Russian mind-set and the French one it is better to start with the appearance. We must admit that even if in France there are a lot of beautiful girls, the percentage of pretty women in Eastern Europe is much bigger. It is considered that all this is due to the mixture of different nationalities, such as Tatars, Mongols, Fin-Hungarians or Turks. That’s why, taking into account Canada and Ukraine, for example, we can see that in the first country there are much fewer beautiful girls than in Ukraine, which is also one of the determinative features of Russian mind-set.

In addition, it is often said that Ukrainian women are more used to preserve family values for a long time. This is what we can say about the majority of French women of the 1960s, but it’s completely changed nowadays, because many French women today are much more independent and emancipated.

If some peculiarities of Russian mind-set may please you, others may seem odd to you. For example, during romantic meetings, it is the man who has to invite the girl and pay. Yet, as far as domestic work is concerned, it is always the russian woman who prepares food and does the housework. Man, in his turn, does some manual and external work. He is also responsible for financial matters, because in most cases he is the one who has to contribute to the well-being of the family.

Another feature of the Russian mind-set is that the young russian women often has the choice to work or not and it is considered quite normal. It happens as well in Russia or Ukraine that girls are sometimes less paid than men for the same work, which can seem quite strange and unfair.

As for all the other peculiarities of the Russian mind-set in comparison with the French, we can say that they are more or less alike. You won’t find as many differences as with an African or Asian woman, for example. So, if you have any other questions, please contact the office of the site of our Ukrainian marriage agency UkReine in Canada!

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