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The dating scams, how to spot a scammer

The dating scams, a job apart

The beauty of Russian and Ukrainian women is worldwide recognized. They are educated women and they are very attached to the noble traditional family values. For these reasons, they are the target for strangers wanting to marry them. However, with this mass demand, there are many scam plans that are emerging. So how to recognize the true from the fake, among the messages received from very beautiful Russian or Ukrainian girls!

First recommendation to avoid dating scams

The first thing to do is to bring your profile closer to the one of the woman in question. If you’re 50 years old, mean-looking and you get a 25-year-old model’s message, be careful, it looks like dating scam. It makes sense to ask why she is writing to you because she must certainly have dozens of men interested in her. At this stage, some men will stop the contact. But, unfortunately, others believe in miracles and venture into a contact with an outcome destructive for them.

Second recommendation

If the profile of the Russian or Ukrainian woman seems compatible with yours, then you can continue the correspondence. When it comes to a sincere woman, she will answer all your questions, but if it’s a scammer you’ll quickly notice this. The person in question will not answer your questions or she will ignore them altogether. In this case, say goodbye to these professional dating scammers, and keep going your way and research.

Third recommendation

By successfully passing the two previous steps, one should ask the question where to meet the Russian or Ukrainian woman. We advise you to move to the woman especially if it is a trip to Ukraine. But if you insist that she should come to your country because of lack of time, you need to take certain steps and precautions.

Do you still hesitate to make a decision concerning the profile of the Russian or Ukrainian woman who writes to you? Please use the Russian and Ukrainian Women’s Identity Verification Service offered by the (anti-spam site).

This will allow you to understand if the Russian or Ukrainian woman who writes you is a scammer or not. If she is not a crook, you will have all the necessary information about her.

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