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I’m looking for a Russian woman for marriage: the budget for the Russian date

Nowadays, on every Ukrainian women dating site you will find many profiles of beautiful and well-motivated Slavic girls who would like to create an international family. If you have managed to find a woman from the east who interests you the most and who completely meets your expectations, we congratulate you. However, before the wedding it is necessary to pay attention even to the small details. That’s why it’s not strange at all if you start asking yourself the question: how much money does it take to succeed in the Russian date?

Of course, it is really impossible to predict an exact sum. Indeed, you are already paying for a Ukrainian women dating site that offers you an opportunity to meet beautiful Slavic girls and the cost of registration can depend on many factors. For example, if we take into account our Franco-Russian marriage agency UkReine, you usually pay for the amount of messages exchanged with the girls from the East on the Ukrainian women dating site. But the total sum doesn’t exceed usually 100 or 150 euros because it is always recommended to organize the meeting with your Russian girl as soon as possible.

The package which is called “Ukraine pre-wedding tour” offered on the Ukrainian women dating site has the price of 150 euros per day. Don’t forget that everything is included in this price: accommodation, transfer, translation and meetings with beautiful Slavic girls. We will accompany you all day long, 24 hours a day. Just imagine, as soon as you arrive in Ukraine, we help you up to the moment when you make the decision to return back.

So, as you can see, it’s not so hard to find a Russian girl for a wedding on the Ukrainian women dating site, the hardest thing for a stranger is to plan everything, especially the budget, and not to miss anything.

If you want to invite your Slavic girl to your country and pay for her plane ticket, you need approximately 300-400 euros. For the visa and translation that is necessary for the embassy – 100 euros in total. The wedding visa can really take a long time to get and the costs depend on whether you have decided to do everything yourself or with the help of an immigration service. However, don’t be afraid and don’t be discouraged, the total sum for the marriage with a Russian woman you’ve found on the Ukrainian women dating site or in a Franco-Russian marriage agency UkReine will cost undoubtedly not more than 10.000 euros, taking into account all stages: from your first messages until the most awaited moment – your marriage with a serious and well-motivated Slavic girl who would like to create an international family.

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